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Binary Biometrics Partnership Programs

Binary is looking for motivated people with an entrepreneurial spirit to join our LiveScan and background check business. Our partnerships offer a flexible schedule, the ability to work anywhere you want, thorough training for you and your employees, and a marketing team dedicated to providing you with leads.

As most people are aware in the United States, many companies and individuals need background checks, drug testing and other intelligence services for employment, licensing and general everyday business purposes like renting a property. At Binary we help by assisting employers, landlords, real estate investors and many other small businesses with all types of background checks, tenant, and pre-employment screening and even offer drug testing and LiveScan.

“With our backend office solutions you focus on building and developing your business and we focus on the fulfillment through our hand-picked network of licensed private investigators.”

We do most the work for you such as, but not limited to training you and your employees, helping you developing marketing campaigns, and even sending you leads so you can focus on what you do best and that’s growing your exclusive sales territory.



What partnership is best for you?

Channel Partner


This is a full-service partner who offers live scan and all background check services. The initial fee is $9,500, $500 per month and $6 per, plus earn 15% residual commission from all non-livescan background check transactions.
LiveScan Equipment Package
Choose office or mobile
Fingerprint Scanner
Pelican Case 
Grey Screen for Photos 
Cannon T3I Camera for Photos
3 - Sets of FD-258 Hard Card 
Call Center Integration 
Customer Service Center  
Phone System Integration 
Scheduling Software Integration 
Exclusive Territory for LiveScan
Process Your Own Payments 
Listing on our Website 
Online Marketing (PPC) 
Direct Mail Marketing 
Social Media Marketing 
 Google + 
Non-DOT Urine Certification 
DOT Urine Certification 
Alcohol  EBT Certification 
EBT Device Training 
Hair, Saliva, DNA Paternity 
Earn Residual Income 
Risidual Commission Paid Weekly 
Residential Tenant Screening 
Commercial Tenant Screening 
Pre-Employment Screening 
BizCred™ Reports 
Cancel at any time* 
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Referral Partner Most Popular


This package DOES NOT include Livescan. This program allowes you to earn 15% gross residual commission on all non-livescan background check trasnactons.
Listing on our Website
1000 Business Cards + Other Marketing Goodies
Call Center Integration
Customer Support Center
We process payments
Earn Residual Income
Risidual Commission Paid Weekly
Residential Tenant Screening 
Commercial Tenant Screening 
Pre-Employment Screening 
BizCred™ Reports 
We Process the Paymetns
Add on drug testing certificaiton courses +$2,316
Cancel at any time*
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*Subject to the terms and conditions. If you are not approved your initial fee will be refunded. If you are approved your initial fee will not be refunded. Drug testing certification does not include the business module, lab contract, or the EBT Alcohol testing device which is an additional $7500 and provided by Easler Education Inc.

Information & Customer Care call us toll free: 1-855-SCAN-MY5 Customer Care Line: Monday to Friday 9:AM-7:PM 24/7Email Support