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Would You Like To Start Your Own LiveScan Fingerprinting & Background Check Business in Florida?

In the United States, many people need background checks and are fingerprinted when applying for a job, for a professional license, or to rent a property. Traditional fingerprinting is messy and time-consuming; in the past, most people had no choice but to go to the police department to get the job done. Now, LiveScan makes it easy and quick to get fingerprinted electronically by members of the private sector. That means there is a great opportunity to start your own fingerprinting and background check business. By partnering with Binary Biometrics you not only help applicants with livescan fingerprinting (typically for what are called “Level 2 Background Checks”), but you can also assist employers, landlords and real estate investors with level 1 background checks, tenant, and pre-employment screening and even offer drug testing. Binary Biometrics offers multiple revenue streams to our partners in order to help them succeed his this rapidly growing business which includes but is not limited to:

Binary Biometrics offers multiple revenue streams to our partners in order to help them succeed his this rapidly growing business, including but not limited to:

  • Level 2 Background Checks (LiveScan)
  • Use of our licensed private investigation company to process background checks, and earn 15% residual income on:
    • Personal background checks
    • Tenant Screening
    • Business background checks
    • And many more products
  • Add on Drug, Alcohol, and DNA Paternity Testing*
  • Exclusive use of our processing center to submit fingerprints to additional states and other countries.

What types of partnerships are available?

Channel Partner

A Channel Partner is a full-service partner and is independently owned and operated partner that can submit fingerprints directly to the state which they reside in and offer our various background check products and services.  The initial fee is $4,999, plus an ongoing monthly of $500.00 and $4.50 per transaction.

Referral Partner

A Referral Partners is a partner who promotes, refers and sells our non-livescan personal and business background check services such as but not limited to, tenant screening, personal background checks, Business credit reports and so on. The initial fee is $499 with no ongoing fees.

What is Livescan, and How Big is the Market?

LiveScan is a means of capturing and transmitting fingerprints electronically. It is the high-tech version of rolling someone’s fingers in ink and pressing them down on a card. It’s cleaner, more precise, and returns results more quickly. In most states law requires fingerprinting for a number of occupations: Healthcare regulated individuals, police officers, corrections officers, real estate agents, insurance agents, and all healthcare workers, to name just a few. Many nonprofits even use it to screen volunteers.

Is Starting a Livescan Fingerprinting & Background Check Business Right for Me?

  • If you already own a small business – a mailbox store, for instance – it would be easy to add Livescan as an additional service. This is similar to someone offering Notary Public services out of their primary business.
  • Stay-at-home moms, part-time workers, students, and others who want to make extra money without a specific schedule also make good candidates, since you can work by appointment.
  • You can start your own LiveScan fingerprinting business for less capital than for many other businesses. So if you’ve always wanted to be your own boss but haven’t had the start-up money, partnering with Binary Biometrics can be a great way to accomplish that goal.
  • The growth potential is huge. More organizations are requiring fingerprinting all the time. Also, fingerprint cards are usually valid for only one year and aren’t shared among employers and law enforcement agencies, so many people will need this service more than once.

If I Do Decide to Start My Own LiveScan Fingerprinting & Background Check Business, Why Should I Choose Binary Biometrics?

At Binary Biometrics, we know that we succeed only if our partners succeed. Through us, you get a true partnership:

  • It’s truly a turnkey business, we supply all the equipment, marketing material, website, and phone number.
  • We provide thorough training. We’ll teach you how to use the equipment, how to use the software, how to transmit the results, etc. We’re also here to help you solve any problems that crop up.
  • We do most of the marketing for you. With Binary Biometrics, you don’t have to pound the pavement searching for customers. We provide a full-time marketing team as well as lead generation. We help the customers find you.
  • Binary Biometrics is the industry leader for mobile fingerprinting. We’re also experts in Level 2 background checks and AHCA fingerprinting, and our reputation for customer service and efficiency is unmatched. Partnering with us connects your LiveScan fingerprinting business with a successful, established name.

Binary Biometrics is looking for motivated people with an entrepreneurial spirit to start a LiveScan fingerprinting business. Our partnerships offer a flexible schedule, the ability to work anywhere you want, thorough training for you and your employees, and a full-time marketing team dedicated to providing you with solid leads. If you think you’d like to start a fingerprinting business using LiveScan, schedule an appointment today

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