Lifetime LiveScan®

Introducing Lifetime LiveScan®. Never pay for livescan fingerprinting again when you enroll in our exclusive fingerprinting retention program.


For a one-time enrollment fee of $29 you will never pay for fingerprinting services again when you apply or renew employment or licensing, even if you move to another state that accepts our prints.*

How it Works

The one-time enrollment fee means that you will never have to pay a rolling or fingerprint fee when you renew, apply, or submit another application to another state or regulatory organization that accepts our fingerprints (state filing fees are not included).

We will store your fingerprint cards and other necessary information in our offline and secure vault and when it is time to renew or apply for a license, simply call our office, let them know you are a Lifetime LiveScan member, answer a few questions to verify your identity, and provide our representatives with relevant information for the new license application and we’ll take care of the rest.*

Fast, Simple, and Convenient

Instead of booking an appointment, taking time off from work, driving to a participating location, and paying a fingerprint rolling fee, just call us when you are ready to renew or apply for a new license or employment in Florida or any other state or organization accepting our prints and submit your prints on your behalf.

What States Do We Submit To?

To find out what states and state agencies we submit to follow the link to find a clickable map, and comprehensive licensing information and agencies for that specific state that has accepted our data in the past, and are likely to do so in the future.


*Filing and submission fees are not included and are always additional to any renewal or new application.  Some organizations within these states may not accept our prints. Some states and organizations may, without notice or justification, choose to accept or refuse to accept fingerprints from Binary Biometrics; while Binary Biometrics works to serve the best interest of its clients, these decisions are out of the control of Binary Biometrics and its representatives and are subject to change at any time without warning or notice.

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