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LiveScan Provider Binary Biometrics Expands Services to Four New Regions in Fort Myers, Lauderhill, Key West, and Melbourne, Florida

LiveScan Fingerprinting Service Provider Binary Biometrics has announced it has executed several new independent channel partner agreements with entrepreneur Maxime Francois and licensed private investigator entrepreneurs from Accurate Investigations, George Schwing of Fort Myers and Wade Douty of Lauderhill and Key West. The new locations begin servicing Fort Myers, Key West, Lauderhill, and Melbourne, Florida…
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Simple Steps for Screening Tenants

Owning a rental property can be a great source of mostly passive income. However, before you rent a home to anyone, make sure you put them through the following screening process first. Start Immediately The screening process begins the moment you meet the potential tenant. Usually, this will happen by telephone. It’s vital that you…
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4 Questions You Must Ask When Screening Tenants

Do you own a property you plan on renting to a tenant in the near future? If so, make sure you ask these four questions before handing over the keys to such a valuable investment. Why Are You Moving? It’s shocking how many landlords neglect to ask this simple question despite how important the answer…
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4 Red Flags When Screening a Tenant

Whenever you are considering renting to someone, make sure you keep an eye out for these four red flags so you don’t end up regretting giving them the keys. They’re Ready to Move in Right Away For the most part, people should be looking for their new place long before it’s time to move out…
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